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Dress Code/Código de Vestir

Mandatory Student Uniform Board Policy

Mandatory Student Uniforms


Adopted:  October 12, 2010 Oceanside, California

Oceanside USC / 5000 / BP 5132.5 Students


Parents - This school year, students are expected to attend with proper school uniforms.  Please remember that school uniforms are mandatory per district policy - Oceanside USC / 5000 / BP 5132.5 Students.  Thank you for supporting this and doing your part to ensure your child is part of our Nichols School community.

Our school uniforms include navy and khaki for bottoms (i.e., pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, capris) and white, light blue and navy blue for tops. We DO enforce the uniform policy here at Nichols. Please remember to wear your COLLEGE T-SHIRT or SERVICE T-SHIRT every Friday.  This includes all staff.  Parents, we want you to wear your college t-shirt, too. Remember, after high school comes college, career, and being a responsible citizen!

School Uniform/Uniforme Escolar

Nichols students wear the school uniform daily. The uniform is:

  • White, Navy Blue and Light Blue tops, with a collar and sleeves, tucked in
  • Navy Blue or Khaki pants (Jeans are acceptable, as long as they are nice fitting and no tears.), shorts, skorts, skirts, or jumpers
  • Fridays are free dress. Please follow the district dress code.

Los alumnos de Nichols usan el uniforme escolar todos los días.  El uniforme es:

  • Una blusa/camisa de color blanca, azul marina o azul baja con cuello y mangas, fajada
  • Pantalones (Se aceptable los jeans, bien propios y sin rasgones), falda, pantalones cortos o vestido color azul marino o khaki.
  • Los viernes son gratis. Favor de seguir el código del distrito.
students sitting on playgroun

Dress Code/CÃdigo de Vestir

1.   Shoes with closed toes and closed heels must be worn. Sandals and backless shoes are not allowed.

2.   Clothing must be clean and in good repair and cannot be tattered or torn.

3.   Skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh are prohibited.

4.   Unkempt hair or bright, unnatural, or exotic hair color will not be permitted.


No bandanas, scarves, headbands, beanies or stocking caps of any kind will be allowed in school. Students will be allowed to wear hats for sun protection outdoors only. Hats must have a brim or bill, and they must be worn pointing forward. No hats with questionable logos may be worn.


Students may not wear clothing with pictures or writing that promotes or advertises alcohol or other drugs.  No chains, large necklaces or hanging loop-style earrings are allowed. These are potentially dangerous.   Absolutely no sagging or bagging of pants or other garments will be allowed. No oversized, hanging belts are allowed.


On "free-dress" days, absolutely no gang affiliated clothing will be permitted to be worn on campus. Bare midriffs, tank tops, beachwear, sunglasses, spaghetti straps, strapless or backless clothing, and unusual hair coloring/styling are disruptive and inappropriate. Due to safety, platform shoes are not allowed. Hair spray is not allowed at school, as it is a combustible item.


1.  Deben usar zapatos cerrados.  No se permiten sandalias.

2.  La ropa debe ser límpia y en buena condición; no debe estar rota.

3.  Las faldas o pantalones cortos no deben estar arriba de la rodilla.

4.  El pelo debe ser de color natural y bien teñido.


No se permiten pañuelos, bufandas, ni "beanies" en la escuela.  Los alumnos pueden usar sombreros o cachuchas solamente para protegerse del sol.  Los sombreros tienen que tener un visor y estar apuntando hacia enfrente.  No se permiten sombreros con dibujos inapropiados.


Los alumnos no pueden usar ropa con dibujos que promueve o muestra al alcol o las drogas.  No se permiten collares grandes ni aretes que cuelguen.  Estos pueden ser peligrosos.  Absolutamente no pantalones ni ropa demasiada grande.  No se permiten cintos grandes ni colgados.


En los días de "vestir libre" no se permite ropa asociada con pandillas.  La ropa de tirantes, ropa de la playa, ropa mostrando el abdomen, lentes de sol y/o pelo de color o estilo innatural son una distracción e inapropiados.  Debido a razones de seguridad, no se permiten los zapatos de plataforma.  Tampoco se permite el aerosol de pelo ("hairspray") en la escuela - es un artículo combustible.