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Rules and Procedures



1.   Shoes with closed toes and closed heels must be worn. Sandals, Crocs, and backless shoes are not safe for playing on the playground.  Flip-flops, Heelys, and heeled shoes are not permitted.

2.   Skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh are prohibited.

3.   Clothing must cover all undergarments.

No bandanas, scarves, headbands, beanies or stocking caps of any kind will be allowed in school. Students will be allowed to wear hats for sun protection outdoors only, once a student enters a building the hat must be removed. Hats must have a brim or bill, and they must be worn pointing forward. No hats with questionable logos may be worn.

Students may not wear clothing with pictures or writing that promotes or advertises alcohol or other drugs.  No chains, large necklaces or hanging loop-style earrings are allowed. These are potentially dangerous.   Absolutely no sagging or bagging of pants or other garments will be allowed. No oversized, hanging belts are allowed.

Absolutely no gang affiliated clothing will be permitted to be worn on campus. Bare midriffs, tank tops, beachwear, sunglasses, spaghetti straps, strapless or backless clothing, and unusual hair coloring/styling are disruptive and inappropriate. Due to safety, platform shoes are not allowed. Hair spray is not allowed at school, as it is a combustible item.