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Volunteers and chaperones are now welcome on campus.  There are criteria that must be met in order to be considered for a volunteering or chaperoning opportunity.  Please see the attached PDF to determine your eligibility.  At this time, we are only permitting Level I volunteers to participate in events and activities.  

Parents or guardians are welcome to visit or volunteer at Nichols. Please note these guidelines:

  • Parents and visitors must come into the office and sign in each and every time they come on campus, and must sign out when they leave.
  • The back gate entrance is only open before and after school. There will be no back gate access during school hours.
  • Visitor/Volunteer badges must be visibly worn at all times.
  • As a courtesy, please telephone your child’s teacher in advance to arrange the best time for you to visit or help out in the classroom.
  • Parents are not allowed on the playground or in the lunch area during recess/lunch times.
  • Field activities are for students enrolled at our school, siblings/visiting children may not attend.

The Raptor Visitor Management System will help us protect our students and staff by tracking visitors, volunteers, and contractors who come into our schools, thus providing a safer learning environment. Everyone entering our schools will be asked to present an ID such as a driver’s license or government issued ID, which can either be scanned or entered manually into the Raptor system. If a person does not have a government-issued ID, the school staff member can use another form of identification and manually enter the person’s name and birthdate into the Raptor system. The Raptor system only checks the visitor's name and date of birth for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders. The network provides an alert for visitors that may jeopardize the safety of our schools.